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General Aviation

In our daily course of business, ACL offers complete avionics upgrades, to include pre-planning, equipment specification, customer interface, wiring harness design and fabrication, panel layout, panel fabrication, stress analysis, painting and installation. ACL provides support for the general aviation community, supports the Department of Forestry fire suppression industry, local Law Enforcement, and the Army National Guard at our Stead Facility, with Jet-A and Avgas fuel service, aircraft tiedown, full service maintenance, avionics installation and repair, aircraft modification, drone instrumentation installation and test, sheetmetal shop, welding, hydraulic, pneumatic and electronics repair services, and parts department.

Below is a typical installation of dual Cobham/Chelton EFIS screens, as well as Wulfsberg communications and navigation equipment, in a Cessna Citation. ACL was responsible for the job in its entirety, from early planning stages, through design, harness fabrication, panel mods, painting and FAA compliance paperwork, as well as RVSM certification.

Typical Before, During and After Photos Chelton Installation: Panel Planning, Equipment Spec, Layout, Harness Fabrication, Cessna Citation

Another ACL Oshkosh award winning L-39C painted up in the early Blue Angel A-4 scheme. This aircraft was acquired overseas by Aviation Classics, shipped to our facility in Reno, Nevada, sold to a US customer, completely disassembled and restored. Photos below show another typical Cobham/Chelton EFIS screen installation. ACL devised a single “flat panel” modification for L-39 aircraft that has become a standard for L-39 modifications. The task included the installation and integration of an S-Tec 55X Autopilot, NAT AMS50 Audio Panels, AICD CD/Satellite Radio, Garmin GNS530 Nav/Com/GPS/ILS System, King KY196 Com, Garmin 327 Transponder, CMS-400 Digital/Audible Checklist System, Shadin ADC-2000 Air Data Computer, Bendix-King KTA810 TCAS, WX500 Stormscope, and Chelton GPS/WAAS 1201 Sensor, and the Dual Cobham/Chelton EFIS System.

L-39C, Oshkosh Award Winning Restoration, Cobham/Chelton Panel, Cobham/S-Tec Autopilot Complete Main & Sub-Panels, and an Example of the Chelton Harness Layout and Fabrication
The L-39 final product, including backlit customer panel overlays, and all backlit instrumentation.

A Chelton/Cobham installation in a customer’s Aero Commander 685 aircraft. ACL worked with the customer to plan the panel modification, while solving the issues related to interfacing the new digital equipment on the pilots panel to the retained analog equipment on the co-pilots side. Photos show a before and after look at the new Chelton equipped Commander panel.

Complete Main & Sub-Panels, Cobham/Chelton System, Cobham/S-Tec System 65 Autopilot: Aero Commander 685

Aero Commander 685: Final Installation and Ready for Flight Test

A recent installation in a M-7 Metroliner of Garmin GPS500, Garmin 696, Airshow Passenger Display, a DVD/Audio Entertainment System, and the L-3 TRC497 Skywatch System.

Fairchild SA-226 Avionics Upgrade, Garmin, Entertainment System.

ACL has been primary contractor for structural modifications, avionics installations, workstations, wiring harnesses, and power buss modifications of airframes for both DoD and Civilian customers.

ACL was responsible for the planning, design and modification of Williams Internationals Flying Testbed Sabreliner aircraft, providing an aerial platform for testing and data collection relative to Williams’ Jet engines.

Stainless Steel Pylon Fabrication. Airframe Pylon Install and Paint for Williams Internationals’ Engine Testbed Onboard Equipment Installations, Power Requirements, GILL Liner, Workstations & Equipment Racks, Williams International Project