Aviation Classics, Ltd.
4825 Texas Avenue
Reno, Nevada 89506
Telephone: (775) 972-5540

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Recovery & Storage

There are times when an aircraft needs to be retrieved from an off airport landing or incident. Aviation Classics, with its team of expert mechanics and flatbed trailers can arrive on scene, dismantle the aircraft and store it inside our gated storage area for as long as needed.

For over 20 years Aviation Classics Ltd. has been working with owners, insurance companies the FAA and NTSB with recovery and storage of aircraft. Along with recovery and storage Aviation Classics provides logistical support for those that need to ship aircraft around the country or around the world. The crew at Aviation Classics has an extensive network of logistic contacts that can make moving an aircraft around the country or around the world a whole lot easier.

If you have a plane that is in flying condition and needs to be ferried, Aviation Classics can handle that as well. All it takes is a call at (775) 972-5540 to get things rolling.